What does BU mean in cooking?

B – Bushel. C or c – cup.

What are abbreviations for cooking?


  • Teaspoon. Teaspoon. Tablespoon. Tablespoon. Point. Pint. qt. quart.
  • Oz. ounces pounds pounds sq. Minute. (minutes)
  • Time time doz. dozen. ml milliliter. l liter.

What does oz stand for in cooking?

Abbreviations used in recipes

Abbreviation Measurements
ounces, ounces, ounces. oz.
Ounces, oz. Ounce, oz.
Puck, puck. Peck.
Package, package. Package

What are common kitchen abbreviations?

Common Cooking Abbreviations

  • Teaspoon: teaspoon. (t.)
  • Tablespoon: tablespoon. (t.)
  • Cups: c.
  • Ounce: oz.
  • Pint: pt.
  • Pound: lb.
  • Quart: quart.

What does F mean in cooking?

Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit.

What is LG cooking?

Large gulp. Nutrition, victual, diet.

What is oz weight?

Ounce, a unit of weight in the ever-dupore system, equal to1/16 pounds (4371/2 grains), and in the Troy and Pharmacist systems, equal to 480 grains, or1/12 pounds. A regular dupois ounce is 28.35 grams, and a troy and pharmacist ounce is 31.103 grams.

How do you measure fl oz?

To measure ounces, select liquid or dry measuring cups. To measure a liquid, place the measuring cup on a flat surface and pour the liquid into the cup. Bend over so that the measurement appears on the side of the cup. Make sure the liquid reaches the correct measurement.

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Is 1 fl oz the same as 1 oz?

Both fluid ounces and ounces represent units of measurement, but they are quite different. Liquid ounces, as their name suggests, are specifically intended to measure volume (often of a liquid component like water), while ounces typically measure the weight of a solid component like all-purpose flour.

What does RT stand for in baking?

RT Cooking Abbreviation. 2. rt. rice, said Rice. Rice, recipe, pot.

What does LG stand for?

In 1995, Lucky Goldstar, a cheap, poor-quality Korean brand of electronics and appliances, became LG with the slogan Life’s Good.

Why are the inside of ovens purple?

Why is the inside of the oven purple? The purple color of the oven is glass-coated steel coated at high temperatures. The purple coating prevents UV rays from leaving the oven. This means the food cooks more evenly.

Is 8 oz the same as 1 lb?

1 Answer. 8 oz. is equal to 12 pounds.

What does it mean 1 oz?

/ (aʊns) / noun. A unit of weight equal to one-sixteenth of a pound (common law). An ounce equals 437.5 grains or 28.349 grams Abbreviation: ounce. A unit of weight equal to one-twelfth of a pound of troy or pharmacist’s pound. One ounce equals 480 grains or 31.103 grams.

How much is 2 oz?

To find the number of cups from fluid ounces, divide the number of ounces by 8. Thus, 2 ounces divided by 8 equals 1/4 cup.

How many fl oz are in a cup?

8 fluid ounces = 1 cup. 10 fl-oz = 1.25 cups.

How many oz is fl oz?

1 fl-oz = 1.04 ounce weight. A fluid ounce is a unit of volume (also called volume) typically used to measure liquids. Various definitions have been used throughout history, but two definitions continue to be commonly used.

How do I measure fl oz without a scale?

Weighing food using measuring cups and spoons

  1. ounces to cups – each cup contains 8 ounces, so do the math!
  2. Tablespoon to ounce – 1 fluid ounce equals 2 tablespoons.
  3. Teaspoon to ounce – 1 fluid ounce equals 6 teaspoons.

Is 8 fluid ounces the same as 8 ounces?

Liquid measuring cups indicate 1 cup = 8 ounces. In practice, however, this means 1 cup of liquid = 8 fluid ounces. For dry measurements, the rules change. Since dry ingredients vary widely in weight, the same conversions cannot be relied upon.

How much is 2 oz of liquid?

Liquid ounce to tablespoon conversion chart

Liquid ounces Tablespoons
1 fluid ounce 2 tablespoons
2 Liquid ounces 4 tablespoons
3 fluid ounces 6 tablespoons
4 fluid ounces 8 Tbsp.

How many mL are in a fl oz?

US Liquid Ounces to Milliliters Table

U.S. Liquid Ounces Milliliters
1 U.S. liquid ounce 29.57 mL
2 U.S. Liquid ounces 59.15mL
3 Rice liquid ounce 88.72mL
4 Rice Liquid Volume oz. 118.29mL

What does BC mean in food?

Definition of B.C. Food: Any finished product produced and/or processed in British Columbia. B.C. PRODUCTION: Raw food grown, caught, harvested, or raised in British Columbia.

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What does LG girl mean?

Girl The term LG is used for girls (usually under the age of 14) who dress like teenagers to enhance their image and popularity. For example, LGs often wear sexually designed clothing, carry age-defying accessories, and wear makeup. LGs are also known as JBs (Jail Bait).

How do you clean a ceramic oven?

How to Clean a Ceramic Cooktop

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the cooktop so that the entire surface is covered.
  2. Using a spray bottle, spray a small amount of white vinegar on the baking soda. The vinegar should be enough to cause the baking soda to foam .
  3. Soak the dishcloth in warm soapy water for a few minutes.

How do I clean my lg blue porcelain oven?

To clean the inside of the blue porcelain oven, follow these steps

  1. Using a razor blade, lift the freshly baked food out of the oven cavity and window.
  2. For stubborn stains, spray with a mild abrasive cleaner or spray degreaser.
  3. Scrub with a non-scratch Scotch-Brite™ pad (pink or blue).

What is the difference between baking and convection baking?

Normal bake setup is fairly easy. Heated air in the oven surrounds the food and cooks it from the outside in. In contrast, the convection bake and normal bake settings use a fan at the rear of the oven to circulate heated air inside. It also uses an exhaust system to expel moisture.

Is 4 oz half a pound?

Ounces to pounds Table

Ounce, oz. Pounds
2 oz. 0.12 lb.
3 ounces 0.19 lb
4 ounces 0.25 lb
5 ounces 0.31 lbs.

Does 16 ounces equal 1 pound?

1 pound is 16 ounces. Learn how to convert pounds to ounces.

Is 8 oz half a LB?

Ounces to Pounds Conversion Chart

Ounces (oz) Pounds (lbs) Pounds + Ounces (lbs + oz)
8 ounces 0.5 lb 0 kg 226.80 g
9 oz 0.5625 lb 0kg 225.15g
10 oz. 0.625 lb 0kg 283.50g
20 oz. 1.25 lb 0kg 566.99g

What weight is 1 oz in grams?

Ounce to Gram Conversion Chart

Ounces (oz) Gram (g) Kilogram + gram (kg+g)
1 ounce 28.35g 0 kg 28.35g
2 oz. 56.70g 0kg 56.70g
3 ounces 85.05g 0kg 85.05g
4 ounces 113.40 grams 0kg 113.40 grams

How do you measure 1 oz of powder?

However, powders such as sugar and salt are measured in ounces (oz.) as weight. To accurately convert ounces to tablespoons, you need to know the density of the powder. Divide the volume into 29.6 ml, which corresponds to 1 ounce.

What does 1 oz mean in grams?

One ounce is 28 grams.

How much is 4 oz to a cup?

In general, 4 ounces (4 oz.) make up half a cup (1.5 cups).

How can I measure 2 ounces without a measuring cup?

Use a kitchen scale. Use a kitchen scale to measure the correct amount of liquid. Generally, using water as the assumed density, it is safe to weigh liquids using a regular kitchen scale. Most liquids, such as milk or orange juice, will have a similar density to water.

Does 2 ounces equal 1 tablespoon?

One ounce is two tablespoons. Therefore, for 2 ounces you need 4 tablespoons, for 4 ounces you need 8 tablespoons, for 6 ounces you need 12 tablespoons, for 8 ounces you need 16 tablespoons, and for 10 ounces you need 20 tablespoons.

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How many fl ounces is 2 cups?

Cup to Liquid Ounce Conversion Chart

Cups Liquid ounces
2 c 16 fluid ounces
3 c 24 fluid ounces
4 c 32 fluid ounces
5 c 40 fluid ounces

How much is 8 oz of liquid?

Based on the measurement chart, 8 ounces equals 1 cup. Normally, you might want to ask if 8 ounces always equals 1 cup. Yes, 1 cup of water equals 8 ounces in both liquid measurement and weight.

Which is bigger cups or fluid ounces?

The volume of a chemical solution is often measured in fluid ounces. Units of measure equal to 8 liquid ounces. Standard measuring cups have a capacity of 1 cup. 16 Units of measure equal to fluid ounces or 2 cups.

How much is 32 oz in fl oz?

Ounce to Fluid Ounce Conversion Chart

Weight Ounces: Volume of fluid ounces:
Water Cooking Oil
32 ounces 30.68 fluid ounces 34.86 fluid ounces
33 oz. 31.63 fluid ounces 35.95 fluid ounces
34 ounces 32.59 fluid ounces 37.04 fluid ounces

How do you measure 4 fl oz?

½ cup = 4 fl. oz. ¼ cup = 2 fl. oz.

How much is an ounce of liquid?

A U.S. liquid ounce is 1/16 of a U.S. liquid pint and 1/128 of a U.S. liquid gallon, or 29.5735295625 mL to be exact, which is about 4.08% larger than the English liquid ounce.

Liquid ounces
U.S. Customary Unit of Measure 0.9607599 U.S. liquid ounces
Number of conversions (U.S.)
1 us fl oz in … … Equal to …
SI Unit 29.57353 ml

Is a dry measuring cup the same as a liquid measuring cup?

Liquid and dry measuring cups hold the same volume, but that each is specifically designed to do a better job measuring each ingredient. As an example, consider how flour is measured.

Is there a difference between 1 cup dry and 1 cup liquid?

Technically, yes. Both measure the same volume. There is no liquid to dry the measuring cup conversion. One cup of dry measuring cup is the same as one cup of liquid measuring cup.

What does 2 ounces mean?

If you are using the customary fluid ounces, 2 FL OZ equals 59,15 mL when rounded. If this is placed on the food label, we must say that 2 FL OZ equals 60 mL. If you are using British or imperial ounces, 2 ounces equals 56,83 mL when rounded.

How many teaspoons are in 2 fluid ounces?

How many teaspoons are in an ounce?

Weight Ounces: Volume of a teaspoon:.
Water Cooking Oil
2 oz. 11.5 teaspoons 13.07 teaspoons
3 ounces 17.26 teaspoon 19.61 teaspoon
4 ounces 23.01 teaspoon 26.14 teaspoons

What does 2 oz of pasta equal in cups?

But in general, 2 ounces of dry pasta, such as penne or bow tie, yields about 1/2 cup. When cooked, that amount yields 1-11/4 cups.